The iOS blood type diet app classifies food for 4 blood types

Have your heard or read about the “blood type diet”? – If you ever dealt with the blood type diet from Dr. Peter D’Adamo you probably want to have a quick reference for food and its compatibility for your blood type. A quick lookup always at hand that immediately shows you how this and that nutrition fits to your blood type or the blood type of your family or friends. If you are buying food or sit in front of the menu at a restaurant you might ask: is this food good for me and my blood type?

That was how the author of the iPhone-app “Good 4 y Blood?” felt:

Author of the "Good 4 y blood?" app“I just have read the book ‘ Eat Right 4 Your Type‘ from Peter D’Adamo. Because the “blood type diet” seemed interesting to me i wanted to try it out. – But what’s about being in a supermarket or in a restaurant? Of course i did not carry Peter D’Adamos book with me all the time. But i needed a kind of quick reference to look up if this vegetable, this meat or that fruit or fish is compatible with my blood type.”

Because Smartphones conquered our everyday’s life. You know that people nowadays are more prone to forgetting their keys or their money purse rather than their smartphone. That’s why the idea of having a fast, smart database-app for nutritional compatibility for blood types lied on hand. With this app it is easy to quickly and easily look up a certain food for it’s blood type diet compatibility:

“For me it was important to have all information at a glance. No clicking and searching into menus. Also just dictating a food with help of “Siri” should be possible. Just say “vegetable” or “carrots” and it is there to show compatibility for all blood types in one single view.”

This is what the “good 4 your blood” app can do for you:

  • Runs on iPod, iPhone, iPad with iOS 6.0 or better
  • Compatibility for 4 blood types at a glance
  • Search via Keyboard or with use of strong>Siri within nutrition search field
  • Database with more than 510 foods
  • Comprehensive tagging of nutrition with grouping f.e. “tea”, “vegetable”, “meat”, “fruit”, “fish”
  • Lots of typos and synonyms for food an nutrition

Inexpensive: this blood type diet app is being sold at lowest possible purchase price in App-store.