Nutrition for the blood type diet

blood type diet – hints for nutrition according to 4 blood types

We kindly ask for your understanding that we can not offer medical assistance for the blood type diet. Every diet – like the blood type diet – should be carefully inspected if it fits to your metabolism and character. If you like to try the blood type diet you should regard any known allergies or illnesses at first hand. Allergies or known illnesses have priority over recommendations of the app. If unsure always consult your doctor first.

The blood type diet of Peter D’Adamo like most diets is controversally discussed in the “diet-community”. There are always people fanatically proponing a diet form and others being harsh critics. It is very common critics to deprive the scientific evidence of the basic theories that build the foundation of a certain diet. So it is with the blood type diet, too.

We recommend to use your common sense and attentiveness to your body to build your own experience and opinion. Just try the blood type diet if it sounds feasible to you. Also read the fundamental book from Peter D’Adamo:

Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Slim

Should you suffer under nutritional dysfunctions you should prepare for a change in your food plan together with your doctor. Overweight and underweight can be hints for underlying serious illnesses. If there are known health problems you should always consult your doctor first before starting any diet.